PICPA Membership

All Philippine Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and accounting professionals are welcome to join the association.

New Members

If you are a Filipino CPA and have not renewed your PICPA membership in the past, there is a great chance for you to qualify as a Regular Member now. Joining the association is one of the best ways to get involved for professional development, networking and community service.

PICPA Vancouver Canada also encourages Filipino accounting professionals in any stage of their careers to join as an Associate Member and to participate in the activities of the association.

Member Renewals

PICPA International and PICPA Vancouver have a fixed year membership reneal date of June 30. 

Members must first renew their PICPA International (Manila) membership before renewing your PICPA Vancouver chapter membership.

Once you have renewed your PICPA International membership you can login to your member account on this website and click the Membership Renewal button on the Member Dashbaord to renew. Membership dues are $50 and you must page with a credit card.

Lapsed Members

If your PICPA Vancouver chapter membership has lapsed for one or more years, you can renewal but you must pay the dues for the past years that where missed. 

If your membership was lasped for 1 year, then you will owe the current year, $50, plus the lasped year, $50, for a total of $100.

If your membership was lapsed for 2 years then you would owe $150 to renew your membership.

Please contact PICA Membership Chair to confirm the membership dues owed and to process your membership renewal.

Member Benefits

PICPA Vancouver Canada is recognized by the Certified General Accountants (CGA) Association of BC as an affiliate of the national organization of Certified Public Accountants based in Manila, Philippines.

PICPA Vancouver Canada offers a great professional environment to expand your network - it is an excellent source of friends, business partners, advisors and mentors. You will surely find a colleague that shares your common goal to excel in the profession.  PICPA Vancouver becomes a reservoir of professional leadership catering the needs of the government and the private sector with key financial officers.

PICPA Vancouver Canada continually conducts professional development seminars on tax, accounting and auditing updates, including other financial matters. It also offers a broad range of other programs and events which are not limited to:

  • PICPA Reinstatement Program
  • Issuance of Certificate of Good Standing as required by the CGA program prior to assessment Chapter & Membership Meetings   
  • Continuous Professional Education
  • PICPA International Conference
  • PICPA Global Convention
  • Fund Raising Program - Dinner and Dance  
  • Sports Activity - Bowling Tournament  
  • Fellowship - Summer Fun Day &  Christmas Party 
  • Community Services 
  • Volunteer Service - Annual Philippine Independence Day Celebration

Each year, PICPA Vancouver Canada also recognizes its high achievers. Certainly, your membership will never be in vain!

Come and join the roster of full-pledged CGAs, successful entrepreneurs, investors, business executives, government officials, educators, practitioners and other distinguished members.