Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can join the PICPA Vancouver Canada?
A: Any Filipino who is a Certified Public Accountant or an accounting graduate in the Philippines or Canada.

Q: How do I know if I qualify as a member of the Association?
A: Your application package will be reviewed accordingly. Upon verification of your qualifications and upon payment of the required dues, a Certificate of Membership will be issued to you to signify admission.

Q: What are my duties and responsibilities as a member?
A: Your duties and responsibilities include the following:

  1. To pay PICPA Vancouver Association dues and other assessments.
  2. To abide by the Constitution and ByLaws and other issuances of the Association.
  3. To continually develop yourself professionally.
  4. To actively participate in all activities of the Association.
  5. To attend at least three meetings in a year in order to be considered as an active member in good standing.

Q: Am I considered a member in good standing after paying my dues?
A: A member is considered in good standing when account is current and membership dues are fully paid. A member in good standing must participate in activities of the Association, attend at least three (3) meetings/activities in a year, involve in the election process and act in a manner befitting of a professional.

Q: How do I apply for the Certificate of Membership in Good Standing?
A: Email your request to the VP-Membership. After compliance of the requirements, you will be requested to pay the certification fee of $50.00. You can either hand in your cheque to the VP-Membership during the meeting (refer to Calendar of Activities for details) or mail your cheque payable to PICPA Vancouver Canada at:
               PICPA Vancouver Canada
               Unit 201 - 4713 Byrne Road
               Burnaby, BC V5J 3H6
               (Mailing address only)

A Certificate of Membership will be mailed to you upon receipt of your payment.

Q: How do I update my membership information?
A: Login to the Member Area and click My Profile on the desktop to edit and update your information or email your updates

Q: Who should I contact to if I have further questions?
A: Send us an email and we'll be happy to address any questions you might have.