Industry Links


This is the main site of the national organization of Certified Public Accountants in the Philippines.

PICPA Global
This website provides information about details of the latest global convention. It also contains powerpoint presentations of the speakers during the convention.  PICPA Vancouver is an affiliate of PICPA International (USA, Canada, Australia and Europe).

Accounting Association

Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia
CPABC is responsible for the training and certification of CPA students. CPABC is also responsible for the regulating and professional development of its members, and the protection of the public through its ethical standards and discipline processes.


Canada Revenue Agency
This is the main site of the CRA. It provides useful tax information about individuals and businesses. The website also contains downloadable tax forms and documents.
Government of British Columbia
This is the main site of the government of British Columbia. It provides relevant information about government structure, statutes and regulations,  government programs and services including job opportunities in BC public service.

Financial Resources

Bank of Canada
This is the main site of Canada’s central bank. The website provides information regarding specific monetary concerns, latest information about financial markets, exchange and interest rates, and price indexes. It also offers an exchange rate conversion utility feature.

Department of Finance
This website provides information about the Canadian budget, tax treaties with other countries, financial reports of the Government of Canada and other Finance Canada publications, including Canada’s economic action plans.